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Quilt Featured: Nova Pieced by: Kathy Myers - Quilted by: Penny Dixon
Shown at: The 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show


If you love quilting or you’re interested in learning, Serendipitee is the place for you to be. We are a fabric store in Waldo, OH, dedicated to the continuation of this beautiful art form. Our shop has a wide array of gorgeous fabric and offers quilting classes for beginners and more experienced quilters alike. Stop by our quilt shop to learn more about the true artistry of quilt-making. 

If you’ve ever admired a colorful Amish quilt, you should know that the result is only half the story. Creating a quilt is a work-intensive process that requires a great deal of patience and discipline. From selecting the right fabric to piecing together the design to the actual quilting together of the layers, a single quilt can take months to complete. Led by our shop’s owner, Sue, our quilting classes can teach you the steps involved in creating your own unique work of art. Sue is a competitive quilter and has a lifetime of experience to pass on to her students. 

At any given time, Serendipitee features over 2,000 bolts of beautiful sewing and quilting fabric. Our quilting fabric is 100% cotton and comes in an array of colors and prints to enhance the look of your quilt. We also carry quilting patterns, batting, thread, and accessories. For those interested in the social element of quilting, our store is a meeting place for several quilting guilds. Please see the calendar link for our regularly scheduled classes. We do have other classes available. Please contact the shop for additional information. 

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