Quilt Featured: Nova Pieced by: Kathy Myers - Quilted by: Penny Dixon
Shown at: The 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about our Guild. If you have a question, look and possibly find the answer below. They are grouped in order for you to more easily find the answer you’re looking for with the following categories: Becoming a Member, About Our Meetings, General Guild, Bringing or Being a Guest, and Guild Communications. Please note that a lot of these FAQs correspond to our Guild’s activities and ways of operating pre-COVID and that some may not be applicable or may have changed considering the restrictions currently in place due to the pandemic.

Click on any question to expand it to read the response. If your question still hasn’t been answered, please contact us.

Bringing or Being a Guest

Are you looking to invite or be our guest at a Guild Event or Activity? These questions and answers may help you.

add_circle_outlineMay I attend Guild meetings if I am not a Member?

Yes, all people interested in quilting are welcome at Guild meetings. We ask that you sign in at the Welcome Desk when you attend, and we do limit non-member attendance to two meetings before you join. For some nationally known speakers there may be an entry fee for non-members.

add_circle_outlineMay I attend a workshop, retreat or other non-meeting event without being a member?

Workshops, retreats and some other non-meeting events are available only to our Guild members. However, if you would like to attend a special event, you can join the Guild at the same time you register for the event. As a member, then, you will be able to attend all events.

(Please note the Guild Quilt Show, presented in even-numbered years, is open to the public, and non-members are encouraged to attend.)

General Guild

Have a question about the Guild in general? This should be where you’ll find your answers.

add_circle_outlineDoes the Guild have a quilt show?

Yes, the Common Threads Quilt Show is held in September of every even-numbered year. The next one will be in September 2020.

We display 70-80 quilts and designate a Master Quilter to honor. All guild members can enter up to three quilts of any size and technique with an entry fee of $5.00 per entry. Admission to the one-night-only show is free and open to all, regardless of guild membership. We typically include a guild-made raffle quilt. Refreshments and raffle baskets are contributed by guild members.

add_circle_outlineWhen do signups for Guild events and activities take place?

Depending on the event or activity, signups can start at any time. These dates will be well-publicized at the meetings, the website and the newsletter. If you are interested in a particular activity, please ask.

For Events: Signing up for retreat is usually in February for the Spring Retreat, and in June for the Fall Retreat, although these may vary. Workshop sign-ups can take place at any point before the workshop, but it is best to sign up early to be assured of a seat.

For Activities: For block swaps swaps, sign-up is usually throughout the year as new swaps are announced. For the Birthday Fat Quarter Swap, sign-ups take place in October and November of the year prior to the swap. Our Secret Pals sign-up typically happens within November or December to start in January.

Guild Communications

The Guild communicates in various ways. Receive answers to frequently asked questions about the way we get in touch here.

add_circle_outlineCan I submit things for the Guild Newsletter?

All members can submit news for the Guild Newsletter but it will be at the board’s discretion on what is included in the newsletter versus what is shared on our website versus what is shared within our private Facebook group.

All submissions for the newsletter must be sent by the second Monday of the month in order to be included within the newsletter.

add_circle_outlineWhen does the Guild’s monthly newsletter go out to members?

The Guild Newsletter is set to go out a week before the Guild Meeting. We have it slated to go out to the member base no later than the third Tuesday of the month. Note: This may shift from year to year or throughout the year as holidays or other things affect the newsletter schedule.

add_circle_outlineHow do I login to the Guild Website?

To login to the guild website, you must be a current guild member. Click on the Member Login button in the upper-right of the website.

You’ll need your email address and password. Your email address is the one that the Guild Newsletter currently is sent to. Your password, if you have not changed it yet, can be found in the recent Guild Newsletter.

add_circle_outlineDoes the Guild have a Facebook page?

Common Thread Quilt Guild has two different areas within Facebook:

Our PUBLIC Facebook Page is viewable by the public and all area invited to Like. It keeps members and non-members informed of our current and past events.

Our PRIVATE Facebook Group is not viewable by the public and only current guild members are allowed to be a part of it. It is an online forum in which we can share all sorts of things with other guild mates. Only members of this Facebook Group (our guild mates) can see what is posted here.

add_circle_outlineCan I get a physical copy of the Newsletter in the mail?

Yes, for members who wish to have the newsletter sent to them via postal mail, please contact us. You will need to provide stamped, self-addressed envelopes to the Guild Secretary for each newsletter you wish to receive this way.

add_circle_outlineWhy is the Guild Newsletter sent via e-mail?

The newsletters is emailed because the majority of members have an email address. But, more importantly, emailing spares the guild the enormous cost of postage required to send newsletters. Previous newsletters are available online.

Guild Meetings

We hold our meetings once a month throughout the year, typically on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30pm, though there are some exceptions. Here are some answers to questions often asked about our meetings.

add_circle_outlineWhat happens at a Guild Meeting?

Guild Meetings begin promptly at 6:30 pm* with our current President sharing business news and updates of general interest to the Guild, and which usually includes brief committee reports from members. This is followed by a program, which is often a speaker whom our President has arranged to come talk about a given area of quilting. Many times, a speaker presents a “Trunk Show” which consists of her personal quilts and the stories behind them. Often, the presentations are precursors to a workshop the following day by the speaker.

Following the program, the meeting ends with Show & Tell, during which members share quilts or quilt projects with the Guild.

*Alternatively, if there is a Potluck Dinner, Guild Meetings will begin a half-hour earlier.

add_circle_outlineWhat should I bring for a potluck dinner?

Every few months, the Guild Meeting will start a little early (6:00pm) to hold a potluck dinner. Typically there are themes to our potluck dinners, such as “Taco Night” or “Dessert for Dinner“. These themes and sign-up details can be found within the event details about the Guild Meeting, which is located within the Events section of the website.

add_circle_outlineAre there any guidelines for quilts that are brought for Show & Tell?

Show & Tell is a favorite of Guild members.

While most items shown are finished quilts, flimsy’s (pieced top, not yet quilted) are allowed, especially if the finished quilt will be given away before the next meeting. In the interests of time, members are asked to limit items to three or four per meeting. Traditionally, we do not show charity quilts made from Guild kits.

Membership/Renewing Membership

These are questions you may have before becoming a member of our Guild or renewing your membership. Please note that there might be additional questions answered on our Join Our Guild page.

add_circle_outlineWhen should I begin my membership within the Guild?

You may begin your Membership at any time, but all members must renew in January-March of the new year.

Please note, if you are joining the guild for the first time, we recommend contacting various committees you are interested in prior to the new year, as some signups begin in November-December of the following year and are closed by the start of the new year.

add_circle_outlineWhen is membership within the Guild renewed?

Membership is renewed annually. Our annual membership drive is within the months of January, February and March, but members can renew at any time.

add_circle_outlineMay I attend Guild meetings if I am not a Member?

Yes, all people interested in quilting are welcome at Guild meetings. We ask that you sign in at the Welcome Desk when you attend, and we do limit non-member attendance to two meetings before you join. For some nationally known speakers there may be an entry fee for non-members.