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Quilt Featured: Nova Pieced by: Kathy Myers - Quilted by: Penny Dixon
Shown at: The 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show

Annual Challenge Quilt

The challenge for 2022 will be an opportunity to use your creativity and imagination.  Using two initials from your name, one initial will be your main color and another initial will become the quilt pattern/block. Then for one quilt pattern/block also add your favorite color.  

How Will That Work?

Let’s check out an example:

ColorCCharcoal, Chestnut or Chartreuse
Quilt PatternINine Patch, New York Star, New Jersey
Favorite Colorn/aAdd your favorite color as a secondary color to one block in your quilt

Challenge Details

The quilt size is a baby or crib size.  Start at 30” x 40” and up to 36” x 52”.  The quilts will be due for our November meeting. Once the challenge is complete, judged and admired, your quilt may be donated to Moms2Be. Entry fee will be $5 for each entry.  

Entries will be judged as follows:

  1. Best use of color and pattern
  2. Judges favorite
  3. Fan favorite


  1. Can I use any other colors besides my color choice?  Yes, but your color choice by initial should be the main color of the quilt.  Remember to also use your favorite color in one quilt pattern/block. 
  2. Can I make more than one quilt?  Yes, you can make more than one quilt. Each quilt made will be an entry and charged $5.
  3. What if I cannot find a color or pattern using my initials?  Please contact Cheryl Nash to discuss via her contact information on the Guild Roster.
  4. How can I find a quilt pattern?  A suggested website with free block patterns is Quilt Blocks Galore at Once on the website you can select Quilt Blocks Galore – Free quilt block patterns. Alternatively you can find link libraries like the one at Phoebe Moon Quilt Designs at Please share any sources that you find like books, websites, etc.  
  5. Why do I have to pay for an entry?  The fee will be used to support future charity quilts and prizes for this challenge.