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Quilt Featured: Nova Pieced by: Kathy Myers - Quilted by: Penny Dixon
Shown at: The 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show

Our Board & Committees

Our Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons help drive the activity, community, events and direction of our Guild. We are very thankful for all of our volunteers who donate their time and abilities to helping the Guild be as successful as it is!

Our Board of Directors currently holds monthly meetings while our Joint Board of Directors & Committee Chair Meetings are held quarterly. While the Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons are expected to attend their respective meeting, all Guild members are also welcome and encouraged to attend. See our Events > Executive Meetings page for details on when the next Board of Directors or Joint Board of Directors & Committee Chair Meeting will be held.

Our Board Officers and Roles

Our Board has general supervision of the affairs of the Guild and is responsible to insure a balanced budget is presented to the Guild by the Treasurer for approval at the beginning of each year. The meetings of the Board shall be held on an as needed basis determined and scheduled by the President.

Members can be nominated or volunteer for Board Officer positions and will then be presented at the September Guild Meeting by the President-Elect. Elections by ballot (via show of hands) are held at the November meeting. 

Below are all of the current Board Officers. Click on each position to learn more about what they are responsible for.

Our Committees and Current Chairpersons

The Committees are the heart and soul of our Guild. They provide fun activities and events for our Guild members and help the Guild run efficiently. Currently, these are the committees within the Common Threads Quilt Guild. Feel free to click each Committee to learn which guild mates are the current committee chairperson(s) and their roles.

add_circle_outlineChallenge Quilt
Currently Held By: mail

A “quilty” challenge is a project that lets you use your creativity and imagination. The challenge is presented to the members with a theme and parameters. Each annual challenge will be presented to the guild in March and be revealed in November.

  • Think of a new Challenge each year.
  • Present it to guild in March.
  • Plan reveal in November or appropriate month.
  • Collect entry fee (generally $5 per entry) for members that register for the challenge.
  • Determine categories for prizes (2 or more).
  • No more than 50% of the money collected can be spent on prizes/expenses.
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • Any remaining funds from event to be deposited into Guild General Fund.


add_circle_outlineGarage Sale
Currently Held By: mail

The Garage Sale is a bi-annual activity of the guild, occurring in odd years. Goods for the Garage Sale are donated to the guild and are then sold to guild members (or others) with all the funds made going to the guild.

  • Communicate with the members at guild meetings to bring garage sale items.
  • Find someone who can store the items until the sale.
  • Members may price goods to be sold, however, it is not necessary to price books, patterns as they will be bulk priced.
  • Fabric is sorted and priced by the piece if large, or by bundles.
  • Set up sale prior to the guild meeting so as not to cause disturbance during the guild meeting.
  • The night of the sale, arrive early.
  • Solicit help as needed from other guild members.
  • Assign someone to run the “cash register” during the sale.
  • Proceeds from sale are announced at the guild meeting.
  • Unsold items to be given to local charity (Goodwill, etc.)
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • All proceeds are deposited into Guild General Fund.
add_circle_outlineGuild Equipment
Currently Held By: mail

The Guild Equipment Committee responsible for storing the equipment and making sure all is in good working order.    There will be a spread sheet with an inventory of what is in the bins and who may have them.  Right now equipment is in four places – Social Sew, Charity Sew and the President has equipment that they keep. The rest is at the equipment manager’s home.  It is your responsibility to make sure all is accounted for.

When some equipment is needed (workshops, retreats etc.) it is up to the committee needing it to contact you and make arrangements to pick it up, or however it will work out best.

If something needs to be replaced and resupplied you are to do it.  Just make sure you keep the receipt and fill out a form from the treasurer.

Currently Held By: Jennifer Chiappisi mail

The marketing committee is responsible for the guild’s website, public social media account(s) and email newsletter.

Website Duties
  • Maintain the website with current information as has been submitted to them on a monthly basis (or more frequently as is possible).
  • Respond to emails from members who need assistance with the website.
  • Make recommendations about the website to the Board of Directors and implement them as approved.
Newsletter Duties
  • Create/send the Monthly Newsletter with current information that has been submitted to them on a monthly basis. Work with Secretary/Historian to ensure all information is accurate.
  • Send out an additional Meeting Reminder email as needed/requested.
Social Media Duties
  • Update the Social Media account(s) to reflect upcoming events, past meetings and market to prospective members.
  • Respond to Members and prospective members on Social Media as often as possible.
Other Duties
  • Ensure that the Guild’s branding remains consistent and true to the Branding Guidelines document.
  • Makes recommendations to the executive board on various marketing tools for the guild, including printed promotional and information pieces.
  • Is responsible for communicating with printers, promotional companies and other service providers for all guild-branded pieces and materials (to ensure our logo is created to match our branding guidelines).
Currently Held By: Teresa Witt mail

This committee serves as a welcoming committee to greet members and guests as they enter the monthly meetings,be available to guide new members, and answer questions about the guild.

  • Arrive at the guild meetings a little early to be there as members arrive.
  • Make sure new members and guests feel welcome, answer their questions, and direct them to the website for the Member Handbook.
  • Announce guests and new members during the meetings.
  • Provide new members with a new member kit which includes: materials to make name badge, information on how to access our website, welcoming committee email addresses, and roster password.
  • Initiate and complete the annual membership drive (January & February).
  • Collect FULL dues at the time membership is confirmed.
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • Make sure that membership cards are printed and distributed.
  • Maintain/Update the member data base (per MailChimp).
  • Notify Facebook coordinator any new members in order for them to gain access
  • Ensure someone is heading up the “social sew-ins”.
  • Turn in expense forms requesting reimbursement for:
    • Temporary paper name tags. (members pay $.25 in jar if they have no name tag at the meetings)
    • Supplies for new member name tag kits.
    • Preparing/printing guild membership cards.
  • Optional: provide individually wrapped candies at the Welcome table.  Use the “No        Name Tag” jar money to cover this.
  • Verify activity attendees are paid guild members.
  • Attend all monthly board meetings.
add_circle_outlineMystery Quilt
Currently Held By: Valerie Rake mail

This is just what it sounds like, a quilt that is built one step at a time without                      knowing the result until the last step.  The mystery begins in February and ends at the reveal in October or appropriate month.  There is a small cost to participate.  Members use their own fabrics and follow the directions given at each monthly meeting.

  • Determine the pattern for the challenge.
  • Present updates at monthly guild meeting.
  • Handle member sign-up, and collect entry fee (fee to be determined).
  • Provide monthly instructions to each participating member.
  • Plan and execute reveal when appropriate.
  • Subtract the cost of the pattern fees, then no more than 50% of the remaining money collected can be spent on prizes.
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • Any remaining funds from event to be deposited into Guild General Fund.


add_circle_outlineQuilt Show
Currently Held By: mail

A Bi-Annual Guild Quilt Show is held and open to the public during even years.  Guild members bring in their quilts; a committee organizes the space, hangs all the quilts and prepares for the show.  A judge (not guild member) is selected to judge the quilts. The judge is to provide constructive comments to encourage members to participate.

Quilt Show Details (occurs during even years)
  • Determine date of the show. Be mindful of calendar holidays (religious and non-religious).
  • Rent display racks and arrange for delivery and return pickup.
  • Schedule volunteers for set up the day before, tear down, and work during the show such as selling raffle tickets.
  • Create and print the show program for distribution at the show.
  • Collect quilts and entry fees for the show.
  • Hire and work with Judge to judge quilts.
  • Ensure that security is appropriate.
  • Handle sign up for members to create raffle baskets.
  • Perform drawing for raffle baskets and raffle quilt night of show.
  • Let the Facilities coordinator know what time building access is needed for set up, the show, and tear down.
  • Provide number tags for the quilt entries.
  • Provide preprinted tickets for raffle chance purchase.
  • Provide guidelines to enter quilts and define the quilt categories for each entry, i.e. wall hangings, full size quilts (different categories), small quilts, items other than quilts.
  • Entry fee to be determined by Committee Chair.(historically $5.00 per item; each member can enter a maximum of 3 quilts/items)
  • Entry fees collected and raffle basket profits are used to pay the Judge and cover other quilt show related expenses.
  • The winner of the raffle quilt does nothave to be present to win.
  • Winners of the raffle baskets must be presentto win, or leave your tickets with someone to collect it for you.
  • Tear down is done by volunteers immediately after the show.
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • Any remaining funds from event to be deposited in Guild General Fund.
  • Review invoices submitted to Treasurer for payment.
  • Follow up with Treasurer to confirm no concerns for invoices submitted.
  • Submit budget to Board in December for upcoming year of Show.
Raffle Quilt
  • A quilt is made to be raffled off during the quilt show.
  • Select a pattern, purchase fabric, coordinate the making of the quilt blocks, the quilting of the quilt, and the binding.
  • Design, print and distribute raffle tickets to members as soon as the quilt is completed to sell prior to show. Raffle ticket fee to be determined by Committee Chair.
  • Collect raffle ticket money.
  • Arrange for someone to sell raffle tickets at the Quilt Show.
  • The raffle quilt should be made by guild members.
  • The cost of the fabric, quilting, binding, etc. should come from the proceeds of the sale of raffle tickets.
  • The Quilt Show chair will draw for the winner at the show.
add_circle_outlineRetreats (In-Town)
Currently Held By: Melanie Megias mail

Chairman of the In-town Retreat finds a suitable location, sets the time and date and takes it to the Board for approval.  Additional responsibilities include:

  • Setting prices for the participants, to include the total price of the premises and all expenses that will be incurred for the weekend.  This is also presented to the Board for approval.
  • Recruiting assistance for setting up and tearing down, planning the food, activities, welcome gifts, door prizes, etc.
  • Ensuring the premise is left in as good or better condition than when we started
  • Returning any security deposit.
  • Securing the premises.
  • Returning the key.
add_circle_outlineRetreats (Fall/Spring)
Currently Held By: Monique Muncy mail

Out-of-town retreats are held twice a year, usually in the spring and fall.  In past years, retreats have been held in Berlin, Ohio (Amish country), Coshocton, Newark and Chillicothe, among other locations. Retreats are usually from Friday until Sunday, and are a time for quilters to get together, sew, shop, eat, and have fun.  Sign-ups occur about three months before the event.

  • Secure location, communicate with Board.
  • Ensure that contracts are prepared and signed by elected officer(s). The number of signatories depends upon hotel. Contract is signed usually one year prior.
  • Inform Treasurer of deposit deadline (usually 1 year prior).
  • Collect full payment from allattendees (including event coordinator, committee members, board members) ensuring they are a current paid member.
  • Work with location to ensure:
    • Set-up is done for the joint sewing room.
    • Adequate sleeping rooms are reserved, also released if not all filled.
    • Confirm if there is an ability to use the conference room Thursday afternoon or evening.
    • Special events such as speakers or small projects are scheduled and communicated to attendees.
  • To arrive at individual retreat cost:

Total the expenses for the facility, room (priced at 2 persons per room), one-meal provided usually on Friday night, gift bags and other miscellaneous expenses.  Divide the total cost by the number of expected attendees.

  • Maximum participation dependent on the facility (generally 46-50).Maintain waitlist as necessary.
  • Determine date beyond which no refund will be provided unless a substitute is acceptable to roommate.
  • Fee based per person for double room occupancy. If single room is desired, the member covers the additional cost.
  • Ensure security is appropriate.
  • Form a committee to help in planning event: set-up, tear-down, activities planned, prizes given, determine who is responsible for and when the equipment (mats, irons, cords) will be picked up from Equipment Manager for event and determine who is responsible for returning equipment to Equipment Manager after event, etc.
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • Any remaining funds from event to be deposited into Guild General Fund.
  • Review invoices and submit to Treasurer for payment.
  • Follow up with Treasurer to confirm no concerns for invoices submitted.
  • Submit budget to Board in December for upcoming year.
add_circle_outlineSecret Pals
Currently Held By: mail

Some years we have an option to have secret pals. If applicable, this program and its guidelines will be announced around October and will start in January.

  • Those wishing to participate will complete a form.
  • Participants will receive their Secret Pal name by end of December.
  • Participants commit to bringing a gift/card at least 4 times during the year.
  • Secret Pal reveal will take place at the December Holiday party or January meeting as determined by Committee Chairperson.
Currently Held By: Jennifer Thurmond mail

This Committee shall organize and carry out any service or charitable project chosen by the Guild.

  • All quilts are made with member supplied fabric and batting.
  • Maintain tickets for completed quilts to be drawn at end of year for prize(s).
  • Plan and coordinate Charity Sew days with Facilities chairperson.
  • Ensure tools (irons, mats, extension cords, etc) are at the Charity Sews.
  • Label quilts if one was not done by maker(s).
  • Deliver quilts to the proper service administration.
  • Prepare and submit budget.
add_circle_outlineShop Hop Caravan
Currently Held By: Nancy Mergel mail

The trip is for one day.  Multiple quilt shops are visited.

  • Lay out a one-day trip to Ohio quilt shops.
  • Determine a lunch stop, time and place; contact restaurant in advance.
  • Notify involved quilt shops in advance as they may arrange special events for our group, such as a hand out, or a discount.
  • On day of trip, if not prior, provide written directions and time estimates to each driver to the quilt shops and lunch stop.
  • This is a “no cost” activity for the guild.
  • Transportation is provided by volunteers.
  • Encourage riders to contribute to driver gas.
  • All attendees buy/provide their own meals.
add_circle_outlineSocial Sews
Currently Held By: Sue Atkins mail

This committee serves to coordinate our Social and Charity Sews. We have a Social Sew monthly, with three times a year, holding it as a Charity Sew instead.

  • Contact libraries (or other locations) to schedule Social and Charity Sews.
  • Encourage guild members to attend.
  • Notify Equipment Manager date of event and who is to pick up and return necessary equipment to them.
  • Communicate with Membership, President, Facilities concerning dates scheduled.
Currently Held By: Mary Catherine Hoffman mail

Some swaps require an annual commitment; others are monthly in which anyone can participate.

  • Determine guidelines for swaps and schedule.
  • Collect entries and re-distribute as scheduled.
  • Submit budget to Board in December for upcoming year.
Currently Held By: Karen Beckley mail

The Sunshine Committee seeks to reach out with a personal touch to acknowledge life events both happy and sad. The Sunshine chair is to send cards to members when illness, family situations occur, or encouragement is needed for our members.

  • Members need to notify the Sunshine chairperson when they are aware of a situation that would lend to sending a card.
  • Send cards to members when appropriate.
  • Use your own judgement when a card is sent.
  • Buy cards and stamps, as needed, and turn in receipts to the Treasurer along with appropriate Expense form for reimbursement.
  • Submit budget to Board in December for upcoming year.
add_circle_outlineWays & Means
Currently Held By: Cindy Marn mail

This committee shall organize recognition for guild awards and fund raising activities as defined by the Executive Board.  Such activities may be limited to be membership only, or may reach out to include the wider quilting community.

  • Plan dates for potlucks/picnics when scheduled.
  • Notify Workshops/Facilities coordinator proposed dates so they can notify location of additional tables (and type of tables) be set up as needed.
  • Coordinate volunteers for potlucks and picnic.
  • Set up and tear down of potluck and picnic.
  • Submit budget to Board in December for upcoming year.
Guild Awards/Recognition
  • Gather list of applicants monthly for Under My Needle (UMN) postings on Facebook
  • Select 2-3 recipients monthly for guild “coupon”
  • Coupon will have a monetary value that guild members can use towards paid guild activities, workshops and retreats
  • Submit budget to Board in December for upcoming year.
add_circle_outlineWorkshop & Facilities
Currently Held By: mail

Locations need to be secured for Common Threads monthly meetings &workshops.


Each year the guild sponsors several workshops provided by quilting celebrities from local experts to nationally renowned instructors. The workshops are determined by the President-Elect of the previous year.  Early in the year the current President will provide a form(s) for members to sign up for the workshops. There is a charge for each participant (costs and supplies vary by workshop).  Costs should be documented on the workshop form.

  • At the meetings announce the upcoming workshops – communicate the workshop subject, instructor, date and costs. Encourage members to participate.
  • Have members complete the workshop sign-up forms ensuring they are current paid members. Collect cash or check for the entire workshop fee at one time.
  • Forward all funds collected promptly to the Treasurer along with a completed Deposit form.
  • Maintain waitlist if needed for a specific workshop as necessary. Determine date beyond which no refund will be provided unless a substitute is available.
  • If no one signs up, may need to cancel. Notify the President.   Usually the contract will state a cancellation charge if there is one.
Facilities Scheduling

Contracts are required for Bexley UMC. In September, get contracts established and signed for the next year’s monthly meeting location.  (Try to maintain a 2-year contract.) Review with President and Treasurer.  President, President-Elect or Treasurer will sign.

  • As soon as workshops dates are firm, schedule a location for each workshop and complete contracts if required. Contract to be signed by elected officer(s).
  • Schedule locations for charity and social sews in conjunction with committee chairs.
  • Ensure a key is available if needed, or doors are unlocked.
  • Prior to each scheduled event, call or email and confirm our reservation.
  • Provide church office with seating & table arrangements prior to each meeting. For Potlucks, tables with chairs for eating need to be set up as well as a food service area. Contact Ways and Means for proposed dates and type of tables needed.
  • Notify Treasurer to write checks for the facility.
  • Submit budget in December for upcoming workshop and meeting facilities rental.