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We encourage the appreciation, education, and experiences of quilting.

Currently totaling nearly 150 members, our Guild is open to all who have an interest in quilting, regardless of their experience. We have a very diverse group of quilters, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

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Upcoming Guild Meeting

July 2024 Guild Meeting

July Guild Meeting will be a Garage Sale. There is a fee to sell. Please bring your quilting and craft items that you want to sell.Get more information about this Guild Meeting.

  • Date/Time: July 23, 2024 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm
  • Location: TBD

Have you met Cheryl Nash or Kandra Waugaman?

These ladies are our current Guild Presidents and will soon be filling out our Meet a Member form. Our Meet a Member area allows us to better get to know each other!

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Did you know we’ve got Helen Frost presenting and teaching a workshop this year?

Helen Frost began quilting in 1972 and is the co-author of eleven books including Grand Endeavors: Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers, the Arizona state quilt project publication. She has taught at guilds and conferences across the country and in Europe. And she’s coming to our guild!

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Are you coming to our Quilt Retreat?

We have at least three per year – one in-town retreat in Central Ohio and another two out-of-town retreats not too far away. Our retreats are only open to active members.

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