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Quilt Featured: Nova Pieced by: Kathy Myers - Quilted by: Penny Dixon
Shown at: The 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show

Linda M. Poole

Linda was destined from an early age to cut apart things, glue, paste, tape, build,and sew all sorts of little things to keep busy. She lived in a home where sewing was as common as cooking, and in those days, cooking dinner was an important meal where family gathered around the table to talk and enjoy one another’s company.

Her mom was never hesitant to hand over a pair of scissors to her at an early age. She was taught to sew quite young in life.

She has many interests and hobbies aside from her passion for quilting.

She loves teaching, photography, gardening, reading, snuggling with kitties, dancing, writing, painting, journaling, researching history, traveling, putting puzzles together, watching a good thriller on television, learning, learning and endlessly learning from those who know alot of one thing or a bit of everything!

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