Quilt Featured: Nova Pieced by: Kathy Myers - Quilted by: Penny Dixon
Shown at: The 2018 Common Threads Quilt Show

Block Swaps

Throughout the year, various swaps will be done for sewn blocks. This often requires participants to make a specific number of the same type of block, which are then sorted & distributed so that each member of the swap has several unique blocks with which to turn into a project.

Friendship Swap

Our friendship block swap began at the January Guild Meeting with 3 groups ready to go. If you signed up for the swap you will bring a tote with your fabric this months meeting. This time I’m using a craft box with a handle, but you can use whatever you have handy. Your tote should be labeled with your name and you can include a note with any requests for those who will be making blocks for you. For example, if you want a certain fabric to be used as the background for all of the blocks or if you want scrappy backgrounds you could state that in your note.  You will give the tote containing your fabric to another member of your group and they will make two blocks for you. You will receive a tote to take home. From only the fabric in the tote, you will need to make TWO 12.5” blocks that will finish at 12” in a quilt. Please choose a block that you would be happy to receive. Bring the tote back the following month and pass it on.

Hints for Friendship block swappers:

  • There are tons of cute blocks on the internet if you aren’t sure what to make. Just Google 12.5” quilt block pattern
  • If you are using a new block pattern, make a test block out of scraps before using the fabric in the tote (You can use scraps or do what I do: I have a tote of coordinating fabric that I keep just for making test blocks. When I have enough, I’m going to make them into a sampler quilt!)
  • Use your best cutting and ¼” seam
Latest Update

Due to COVID 19 cancelling our recent Guild Meetings, groups have begun swapping their Friendship Blocks at various times specified in our latest newsletter.

Remember, when swapping, always swap in the order listed below.  You will give the box IN YOUR POSSESSION to the person after you on the list.  THE LAST PERSON will give the box in her possession to the FIRST PERSON on the list.  As always, if you are unable to meet with your group, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to both pass on the box you have and get the box you are supposed to have in a timely manner, so that everyone has time to make their blocks.

Group 1

  • Tonya Walentowski
  • Karen Unger
  • Teresa Witt
  • Laurie Nicholls
  • Susie Burks
  • Laura McLaughlin

Group 2

  • Jo Ann Newsome
  • Kandra Flavell
  • Linda West
  • Mary Hoffman
  • Pam Mabe
  • Jackie Jones
  • Janet Histed

Group 3

  • Lucie Grena-Hewitt
  • Kanday Kerr
  • Jo Ann Newsome
  • Sue Atkins
  • Sue Buck
  • Catie Gynn

Group 4

  • Pat Sanderson
  • Donna Broadnax
  • Ruth Holt
  • Terri Brown
  • Tonya Walentowski
  • Mickey Mead
  • Sherry Monfort

New Swap – 2.5″ Half-Square Triangles

We are going to swap 2.5” half-square triangles made with triangle papers. This has been a popular swap in the past and it’s coming back at the request of the members. There is a $5 participation fee to cover copying costs.

Each person who participates will sew one page of triangle papers for every other participant. So if 10 people sign up, you will make 10 pages, if 20 or more sign up, you will make 20 pages and receive 20, with an option to make additional pages (in sets of 10) and receive the number you make.

The light side of the triangles will be Kona Snow, and I will take a poll at signup for the color of the dark side. The color with the most votes will be made by all. 

Latest Update

Half-square triangle paper has been distributed to those who signed up for the swap. Please use AQUA/TURQUOISE and KONA SNOW as the fabric. Do not cut the triangles apart. Full sheets will be swapped.