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June Guild Meeting – CANCELLED

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Note: Our June Guild Meeting has been cancelled, due to the continued restrictions put in place as a result of the coronavirus. Please stay safe, stay home and sew. We expect to have one heck of a Show & Tell for our next meeting.

Our June Guild Meeting will start off with a brief informational portion before our program, giving all members an update on what is currently going on with the guild and what is coming up.

Our program for June’s Guild Meeting is Anita Shackelford, presenting about Quilt Rescue. And, as time allows, we will finish the Guild Meeting with Show and Tell, in which members will share and showcase their quilts or quilted projects.

Quilt Rescue

How many thousands of antique quilt tops are out there, waiting to be finished? And how many more are we adding to that pile every day? One of the biggest questions might be…should we try to catch up on the backlog from previous quiltmakers or just try to keep up with our own?

There are several good arguments in favor of finishing antique tops:

  • Quilting will make the quilt top stronger
  • A finished quilt will be enjoyed, while an unfinished top is usually hidden away
  • Our grandmothers meant for them to be finished

Some antique tops are just not visually pleasing. Can/should we remake them? How much should we do and how much time will it take?

It becomes a balance between the workmanship and the design element of the original piece and what I think it needs. After many years of Quilt Rescue work, I’m sure it’s the challenge I enjoy the most; making the quilt into what it was meant to be.

About Anita Shackelford

Anita Shackelford has been a quilt maker since 1967 and began teaching in 1980. She is an internationally recognized teacher and lecturer who loves combining applique’ and fine quilting to create new quilts in 19th century style. Anita’s quilts have been exhibited and won awards in shows across the United States, Australia and Japan.

Awards include 12 Best Of Show and many for workmanship. She has authored nine books and is published regularly in quilting magazines. Anita has been featured on several television programs, including Today’s American Quilter, Kaye’s Quilting Friends, Linda’s Electric Quilters, and Simply Quilts. Her work and antique quilts from her collection have been featured in several gallery and museum exhibits.

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